Purse/Key Hanger Combo


Easy To Use: You can’t organize the timeline of your life, but you can organize the contents of it.

1. I’m a 3-in-1 accessory made to keep your purse off of the floor, keys easy to find, and bling up your bag.

2. Simply, place the flat, patterned circle on a surface, pull down the hook, and let your bag hang. I eliminate the inconvenience of placing your bag on the ground or resting it in your lap.

3. When out and about, clip me onto the side of your purse and attach your keys to my inside hook. You won’t ever have to search for keys again!

4. I also look great and dress up any handbag.

3.25″ H x 0.25″ L

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Terrazo, Marble, Champagne, Pineapples, Flamingo, Parrot, Palm Trees, Modern Tropical, Colorful Palm, Mint Palm, Turquoise Flamingo, Ocean Water, Tropical Cocktail, Cactus Pineapple, Martini, Wine, Lips


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