Kubo Sun Shade


A portable, personal sunshade to enjoy laying out in the sun. Made with layered nylon to shade your face, and vented mesh panels to maintain airflow and keep you cool. When you’re all done using it, Kubo folds into itself and is stored in a small drawstring bag, compact enough to put it in your beach bag or backpack. The shades come in six different beach inspired prints, so you can match it to your style. What’s your shade?

Great for not only shading your face for a nap, reading a book, looking at your phone but also shading your child, your pet and your food!!!!


  • Lined with Sun Reflective, SPF 50+ Fabric
  • Black, darkened interior
  • Screen openings on 3 sides for air flow
  • Collapsible, folds into a compact bag that easily fits in a beach bag, backpack, etc.
  • Small compact bag can be used to store small valuables such as keys, wallet, phone, and placed in the shade for safety while using
  • Elastic band to keep folded shade secured prior to placing in bag
  • Easily pops up
  • Easy to fold and place back into bag

Shade: 16 x 15 inch base, approx. 1200 cubic inches of interior space, 16 x 6 inch head opening.
Weight: 4 oz.
Drawstring Compact Bag/Folded Kubo: 8 inch diameter circle

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

***Warning: This product cannot eliminate sun exposure or the risks associated with sun exposure. Protect yourself by using sunscreen and protective clothing in conjunction with the Kubo shade.

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Sea, Sunset, Retro, Pinya, Maui, Sand


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