Island Beat Mug-Blue


If you follow the Farm, you’ll know that in their 22 years of bringing you our groovy wares, Derek Yaniger is our standout artist for everything and anything that resonates and warms your Far-Out Fascinations with Beatnik-inspired Tiki mugs! Derek’s art and style are stand-alone as the authentic dealio! Others may replicate, but Derek is THE man and Derek will captivate! My friends, you’ve just stepped back into the 1950’s Heyday of Googie-Tiki style here!

First up is “Island Beat” (Shown here), Derek’s swingin’ Quartet comin’ at you so hard, you might even get an earful of their sultry vibes when you tilt this baby back! DIG THAT TUBA!! Not to mention a Bongo-beatin’ laid-back Cat, stand-up Bass pluckin’ party animal and our front man groovy Guitarist! Do you dig the glaze? We sure hope so!

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