Eco-Friendly Scent Medallions/Air Freshener


“The human sense of smell is ​​most primal and exerts surprising influence over our ​​thoughts, emotions, and energy.  Eco-Scent Medallions are designed to harness the olfactory power of the body to enhance physical and emotional well being.”
Being Earth & Ocean Friendly, Scent Medallion/Air Fresheners are made from recycled paper & essential oils!!  Once the scent wears off, just apply your own essential oils to the back of the air freshener!!  You never have to throw them away!

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Whale-Lavender-Relaxing, Coral-Rose-Calming, Shark-Citrus-Energizing, Starfish-Vanilla-Good Mood, Seahorse-Wild Cherry-Festive, Sea Turtle-Emperor Pine-Peaceful


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