Crocodile King Tiki Mug, Pippin Green Glaze


“The Crocodile King” is a powerful being, one that is said to be part man and part reptile, “existing” in the realm between myth and reality. He watches over the crocodiles of Papua New Guinea…as well as those who claim kinship with them. Is he real or a product of superstition? Only the crocodiles know for sure. Feel free to ask them. The Crocodile King measures 6 ¾” in height and holds 18 ounces.  Designed for Tiki Farm by Anthony Carpenter, the total run in either glaze shown here is limited to 250 mugs per glaze (“Pippin Green” and “Bamboo Ash”). Pippin Green only glaze available currently

Artist: Anthony Carpenter
Original release year: 2021
Capacity: 18 oz.
Material: Ceramic stoneware
Height: 6 ¾”

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